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Konstanz 6pcs Kitchen Knife Stainless Japanese Steel Blade Knives
Konstanz 6pcs Kitchen Knife Stainless Japanese Steel Blade Knives
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Konstanz 6pcs Kitchen Knife Stainless Japanese Steel Blade Knives

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Konstanz 6pcs Kitchen Knife W/ Wood Handle Stainless Japanese Steel Blade Knives

KONSTANZ Kitchen Knife Stainless Steel Blade 6pcs Set

For prepping delicious ingredients when making creative gourmet meals, the Konstanz Knife Range by Carl Schmidt Sohn provides the cutting-edge trio of kitchen knife essentials.

KONSTANZ Kitchen Knives are made of the 67 layers of finest Japanese Steel and wooden handles are ice-harden and guarantee a perfect cut. Blades are made of high-quality material VG 10 HRC 60 +/- 2 and Equipped with ergonomically shaped with real wood that is smooth and slightly rounded for a comfortable grip allow a perfect grip.

The Konstanz knife will prove impressive in its ability to aid in a variety of tasks in the kitchen such as cubing, cutting, slicing or chopping of meat, fish or vegetables as well as disjointing large cuts.

Konstanz collection
Sets included a 20cm chef knife, 18cm bread knife, 18cm slicer knife, 18cm Santoku Knife, 12.5cm santoku knife, 9cm Paring Knife
Forged from top quality Japanese stainless steel for exceptional durability.
With fine taper-grounded edges for outstanding cutting performance.
Full bolster and stainless steel end caps promote knife balance.
Hand-sharpening and handwashing is recommended

Blade Material: Japanese steel
Handle Material: Real Wood

Size included:
1 x 9cm Paring Knife (Blade:8.5cm Handle:11cm Total:19.5L x 2W cm)
1 x 12.5cm Santoku Knife (Blade:11.5cm Handle:11cm Total:22.5 x 3 cm)
1 x 18cm Santoku Knife (Blade:16.5cm Handle:13cm Total:29.5L x 4W cm)
1 x 18cm Carving Knife (Blade:17.5cm Handle:13cm Total:30.5 x 3cm)
1 x 20cm Bread Knife (Blade:19.5cm Handle:13cm Total:33 x 2.5cm)
1 x 20cm Chef Knife (Blade:19.5cm Handle:13cm Total:33 x 4.5cm )
Use & Care:

Choosing the Right Knife for the Job
Using the right knife for each kitchen task is importanta knife that is too big or too small could result in a cut from too much force or over cutting, and a knife with the wrong edge for the task might mean a slip resulting in a cut.
Simple Knife Cleaning
Use mild dish soap and clean water to remove bacteria and food residue from your knives. Do not let your knives sit dirty or wetthey may rust. A dishwasher will damage knives (dulling and rust) and can also cause injury if an unsuspecting hand is caught on the sharp blade, so always hand wash your knives. Never allow your knives to soak in a sink of water or sit dirty in the sinkallowing a knife to lay out unattended may also result in an accidental cut.
Keeping a Sharp Edge
Many people might be surprised to know that a razor sharp knife is safer than a dull knifedull knives require the force that can easily result in a slip or surprise cut that can stab or slice a finger. Quality knives will hold a sharp edge longer than cheaper knives. Your knives should be sharpened about every 60 days if you use them on a frequent basis.

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