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Basketball Rings

Australian Basketball Regulation Sizes

Regulation basketball ring height is 10ft which is 305cm. This is the measurement from the ground to the top of the ring. Regulation ring / hoop diameter is 18in (46cm). The regulation size for a backboard is 72in (183cm) wide and 42in (110cm) high. We have portable / adjustable home basketball rings and lower rings for all ages available.

  • Basketball court size: 28m by 15m (7m minimum overhead clearance)
  • Regulation Basketball Ring Height: 10ft / 305cm
  • Regulation Basketball Ring Diameter: 18in / 46cm
  • Regulation Backboard size: 72in (183cm) wide by 42in (110cm) high
  • Basketball Circumference (size 7): 29.5in / 75cm
  • Basketball Circumference (size 6): 28.5in / 72cm
  • Basketball Circumference (size 5): 27.5in / 70cm
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