Above Ground Pools

Easy to install, affordable and easy to maintain, an above-ground pool is an ideal alternative to enjoying a swim without the hassle of an in-ground pool. From inflatable pools for kids to metal framed ones for the whole family, we offer a variety of options to suit anyone.

A variety of options

Ranging from inflatable pools to more permanent metal frame models, we offer different models of above-ground pools so you can find the right size and style that suits your outdoor space and meets your preferences.

Reap the benefits

Our above-ground pools are ideal for enjoying a swimming pool without breaking the bank. Not only are above-ground pools significantly less expensive than traditional ones, but they also offer benefits you can’t get from an in-ground pool. An above-ground pool’s portability, easy setup, easy maintenance and safe barriers are just some of the positive gains you can take advantage of!

What type of above-ground pool is best?

Generally speaking, you want to look for pools that are highly durable and constructed from high-quality materials to withstand harsh weather conditions and frequent use. But apart from that, there are several significant factors to explore so you can determine what type of above-ground pool is the most ideal.

If you’re looking for something for the kids to enjoy on occasion, an inflatable model is a great pool to go for. It’s very easy to set up as it only needs to be filled with air and due to its soft-sided construction, it’s also safe to use. They are also foldable, lightweight, portable and easy to maintain.

If you’re looking for a pool fit for the whole family. A sturdy metal framed pool is a fantastic option. Incredibly durable and constructed from high-quality materials, metal-framed pools are made to stand the test of time. Generally large in size, it’s the ideal choice for family and friends to enjoy. And as intimidating as they may seem, it’s actually pretty easy to install metal-framed pools. They typically come with clear instructions and are often designed to be assembled using minimal tools and equipment. So if you really want a bang for your buck, metal-framed pools make for a great lifelong investment.

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