Air Bike

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Air bikes are one of the best conditioning tools on the market. They’re unique for supporting any strength level from fitness beginners to elite athletes. The fan air resistance system adapts to the effort of the user, and unlike other exercise bikes, an air bike adds moving arm bars for a total body workout. The harder that you pedal, the greater the resistance. With no resistance level to restrict how hard you can work, air bikes are the go-to equipment for those wanting to be pushed to the limit. And since air bikes feature less moving parts, they require less maintenance and are quieter and smoother to operate. Moreover, the fan generates a breeze that helps cool the user, unlike other exercise bikes.

Using air bikes correctly

Klika offers a variety of premium quality air bikes to help fit your individual needs and goals. Higher-end air bikes feature electronic displays that give you a quick overview of important workout information, such as your speed, heart rate and calories burned. We want to help you get started and inspire you to take that first step towards exercising for better health. As with all exercise equipment, consideration should be given to your current fitness level, especially for beginners, the elderly, those recovering from injury or those who are pregnant. It’s recommended that you consult a doctor or fitness specialist before undertaking a fitness regime. Watch the videos below for tips and tricks on how to use your exercise machine to get fit and stay healthy.
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