Healty Eating.

Excercise in only one side of teh equation. To get fit and healty and to stay that way you need to eat well. See our Fittness Blog for some great tips and ideas on what to eat when you are trying to get fit.

Find the best home cardio machines that burn the most calories for weight loss and toning.

Cardio machines that burn the most calories

Our range of home cardio machines are fully adjustable so you can choose any weight loss or toning workout from very easy right up to the most intense calorie-burning session you can stand!

Stationary Spin Bikes:

500-1100 calories per hour


400-1200 calories per hour

Elliptical Cross Trainers:

500-900 calories per hour

Rowing Machines:

500-1000 calories per hour


Klika's wide range of Powertrain Elliptical Trainers come in different models to elevate your workout depending on your fitness level. You can enjoy additional features such as resistance bands, dumbbell sets, weights and twist discs.

Powertrain also offers flywheel spin bikes and magnetic flywheel rowing machines to get the best cardio results. Electric treadmills from Evertfit and Reebok would be the perfect addition to your home gym for your longer steady state cardio or fast-paced sprinting needs. Our joggers and running enthusiasts can certainly get their cardio fix anytime they want in the comfort of their home.


What are the Benefits of Cardio Workout?

A cardio regime is recommended by almost all fitness trainers today. A cardio workout makes your heart and lungs strong, increases bone density, reduces the risk of heart diseases and stress, relieves depression and anxiety, helps in weight training and sleep better to name a few.

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