Home Gym Cardio Workout Equipment

Find Cardio machines that burn the most calories including Exercise Bikes, Treadmills, Rowing Machines and Elliptical Cross Trainers

Find the best home cardio machines that burn the most calories for health and muscle toning

Our range of home cardio machines are fully adjustable so you can choose any weight loss or toning workout from very easy right up to the most intense calorie-burning session you can stand!
  • Stationary Spin Bikes: 500-1100 calories per hour
  • Treadmills: 400-1200 calories per hour
  • Elliptical Cross Trainers: 500-900 calories per hour
  • Rowing Machines: 500-1000 calories per hour

Cardio machines that burn the most calories

Klika's wide range of Powertrain Elliptical Trainers come in different models to elevate your workout depending on your fitness level. You can enjoy additional features such as resistance bands, dumbbell sets, weights and twist discs.
Powertrain also offers flywheel spin bikes and magnetic flywheel rowing machines to get the best cardio results.
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