Pool Vacuum Handheld and Pool Cleaner

Tired of the hassle of keeping a well-maintained pool? Invest in our range of quality pool cleaners! Easy to use and state-of-the-art, our swimming pool cleaners and vacuums will make your pool maintenance routine much easier.

A pool cleaner to meet your needs

Our range offers a variety of pool cleaners and vacuum models to choose from. Whether you're in the market for an automatic pool vacuum cleaner or a handheld pool cleaning tool, we have something to fit every budget and lifestyle!

Types of pool cleaners

While there are countless methods of keeping your pool clean, pool cleaners stand out as essential aids in maintaining water quality. Depending on your needs and preferences, there are numerous types of pool cleaners to choose from:

Manual pool cleaners

Manual pool cleaners are tools designed for cleaning the walls and floor of a swimming pool. These cleaners are hand-operated and do not require any external power source to function.

Leaf eaters

If you want an easy and efficient way to keep your swimming pool free from leaves and other debris, a leaf eater is the one for the job. These automatic cleaners use a strong suction system powered by a garden hose to capture larger debris before it has a chance to accumulate on the water's surface.

Portable pool cleaners

A portable pool cleaner is a compact and user-friendly tool that makes pool cleaning effortless. They are ideal for cleaning smaller pools or spots that would be difficult to reach with automatic cleaning systems, like spas or hot tubs.

Automatic pool vacuums

Automatic pool vacuums are a great tool to keep your pool clean with minimal effort. Essentially, these devices function as robotic cleaners that scour the bottom and sides of your pool as they remove dirt, leaves and bugs. Simply connect one to your filtration system for easy maintenance during pool season!

Pool maintenance made easy

Pools should be a source of enjoyment and pure relaxation, but maintaining it can be a laborious task. With our pool cleaners and vacuums, your pool maintenance routine will be a piece of cake. Our automatic pool vacuums, in particular, simply connect to your filtration system and crawl your pool to suck up any dirt and debris, so you can relax as it cleans!

How do I choose the right pool cleaner for my needs?

Choosing the right pool cleaner largely comes down to several factors. It depends on the type of pool you have, the size of the pool, the type of debris you need to remove, and most importantly, your budget.

First, consider the size of your pool. If you have a particularly large pool, you're gonna need a cleaner with a large capacity or can at least clean fast. An automatic or robotic pool cleaner is best for that. If you have a small or decent-sized pool, however, then it won't take too much of your time to manually clean off the debris. A handheld cleaning tool is good enough for such a case.

Overall, choosing the right pool cleaner should ultimately meet your specific needs and preference. If you're not sure what to get, it's ideal to consult a pool expert to help you.

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