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Trampolines for Sale in Australia

A Trampoline is a great idea when you want to have some family fun and stay fit at the same time! Consider purchasing a trampoline for your backyard, they are a fantastic piece of fitness equipment the entire family can enjoy!

Trampolines are great for everyday use but also come in handy when you are having a gathering for extended family and friends. If you want to train for a recreational competition, you should also consider purchasing a trampoline. Trampolines is a fun way to keep you and your family active.


Burn calories the fun way with our wide range of Kahuna Trampolines.When you are burning calories on a trampoline, you are strengthening your heart. You will cause less stress to your body when exercising on a trampoline while, in comparison to jogging or running. This form of exercise also enhancing your circulatory and respiratory efficiency. When adults and kids exercise on a trampoline, studies show that they will improve their:

  • Agility
  • Flexibility
  • Stamina
  • Coordination

Even though this form of exercise is great for the body, it is also fun and safe.


Types of Trampolines

We currently sell trampolines that are round in shape. You can purchase these items in various sizes and colours. Our trampoline sizes are as follows:

  • 6 Feet
  • 8 Feet
  • 10 Feet
  • 12 Feet
  • 14 Feet
  • and 16 Feet

Our trampolines also come in a variety of colours, including: blue, green, pink, orange and rainbow.

Many of our customers consider round trampolines to be the safest product in this fitness category. Round trampolines pull you into the center, and decrease your chances of bouncing off of the equipment. This product comes with a netted enclosure that provides you with extra safety.


Trampoline Accessories

You can purchase accessories for your trampoline on our website. We have a variety of accessories that you can choose from, including:

  • Safety Pads
  • Replacement Mats
  • Safety Net Suits
  • and more..

Our accessory items also come in various sizes and colours, including green, pink, yellow, orange and blue.


Equipment Installation

Make sure you read your installation instructions carefully, and follow all of the necessary steps to avoid injury. All equipment sold at Klika comes with safety guidelines from the manufacturer, and you should follow those safety rules and regulations in their entirety.


Trampoline Installation Service

We can arrange to have your trampoline assembled for you by a trades person nationwide. Call us for your obligation free quotes and visit Hi-Pages installation page for more details.

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