Multi Station Home Gym

Best Multi Station Home Gym Australia

A multi station gym is your solution to completing a full-body strength training workout with just one piece of equipment. It’s also one of the cheapest ways to create a full gym experience at home. Instead of buying different pieces of equipment to get that full-body workout, you can purchase a multi station gym system that is compact enough to fit in your own home, saving you the time and money that you’d spend going to and from your local gym. These versatile home gyms will allow you to work all the major muscle groups and are adjustable to meet your fitness levels and specific needs as you see your strength and endurance improve. Discover the variety of sizes we have available, ensuring you can find a station to suit the space you have.

Choose a Multi Station Gym with Klika

Klika has a wide range of fitness equipment available to help customise a home gym to suit your needs, including multi station gym models from leading brands. With just one station you can do arm/chest rowing, knee raises, curls, preacher curls, wrist curls, leg curls, leg extensions, ab crunches, arm pullovers, lat pulls, butterfly flyes, and bench presses. In addition, you’ll have the ab tower for your knee raises and tricep raises, plus an incline sit up ab-crunch bench with two dumbbells, all within one gym station. Browse our product range here online and take flexibility, functionality and versatility to a whole new level. With nationwide distribution, we’re able to service gyms right around Australia.
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