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Trampoline socks come with features like grip dots on the bottom, which help in reducing the risk of slipping or falling. A trampoline shade cover keeps the trampoline cooler, especially in hot weather, and provides a more comfortable jumping experience. Incorporating basketball with trampolining can lead to fresher, fun workout routines, thus enhancing overall fitness levels.

Where Every Jump Is a Thrill

Transform your trampoline experience with top-quality accessories from Kahuna. Elevate your playtime with our extensive range, suitable for all ages. Take your jumps to the next level with trampoline accessories that add an extra layer of excitement and turn your backyard into a jumping playground.

Discover our selection, featuring regular and LED basketball sets, glow-up basketballs, removable roof shade covers and anti-slip socks for kids. Upgrade your bouncing fun with Kahuna accessories — where quality meets excitement!

Safe Trampoline Accessories for Sale

Elevate your trampolining adventures with accessories designed for utmost safety. Explore our range of weatherproof roofs, non-slip socks and more, ensuring your bouncing joy is not only exhilarating but secure in every jump.

Customise Your Bounce

Personalise your overall bouncing experience with our range of accessories for trampolines. Whether you want to up your trampolining game and add a basketball kit to the mix or ensure utmost safety with non-slip socks, choose the add-ons that match your style and enhance your jumping fun!

All-Weather Adventures

Prepare for year-round fun with accessories designed to conquer any weather. Explore Kahuna’s weatherproof covers tailored for various Kahuna trampoline models, ensuring your bouncing adventures remain a source of joy, come rain or shine.

Online Ease, Bounce with Pleasure

Experience the convenience of ordering your trampoline accessories online. Browse, choose and enhance your bouncing fun from the comfort of your home. Fast nationwide shipping ensures your accessories arrive at your doorstep, ready to unlock your trampoline adventure.
Make sure you check out our wide range of Kahuna trampolines! From the classic round trampolines to the more unique rectangular and oval shapes, we have a great variety of models for you to choose from!

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