Log Splitters

Splitting firewood manually is back-breaking work, so why not make life easier with an automatic log splitter? All our log splitters are built to last and easy to use and come backed by a full 12-month Australian warranty. Quick reviews: See below for more details about which type of log splitter is right for you.

User information guide: Electric, Petrol, Hydraulic:

All of our splitters have hydraulic rams which do the hard work. This means that they are all 'Hydraulic Log Splitters'.
The main difference is in what powers the hydraulic pump. This is where they differ. All hydraulics require something to run them, sometimes (like a hydraulic car jack) the pump is driven manually by a lever. For more serious machinery the pump is driven by either an electric motor or fuel combustion engine such as petrol or diesel.

Video Guide: How To use Log Splitters

Electric-Hydraulic Log Splitters:

These are the ideal solution for home and small rural properties. Electric-hydraulic offers great performance and enough power for most firewood and kindling with splitting forces from 7 ton up to 12 ton at the ram.
Pros: The Electric-hydraulic solution would be perfect for locations where 240v power is available. Electric is also suitable for indoor use as they produce no fumes or exhaust and run relatively quietly.
Cons: Electric splitters should not be used outdoors during any poor weather conditions. Not suitable for massive logs or very hard wood such as redgum.

Petrol-Hydraulic Log Splitters:

These larger units offer a higher level of splitting force from 15 ton up to 60 ton so they are great for larger splitting jobs including commercial work.Petrol splitters offer greater versatility over electric
Pros: Can be used anywhere outdoors without the need for electric power, and in poorer weather conditions where it would be unsafe to use electricity.
Cons: Because petrol splitters emit exhaust they should not be used indoors or in confined spaces. Because they run a combustion engine they are a little noisier than electric.

Diesel-Hydraulic Log Splitters:

Like the 60 ton petrol, the diesel splitters are meant for heavy workloads and long working hours. The huge force available will cut through the toughest of logs and can be operated either horizontally or vertically, saving you the back-breaking work of lifting logs off the ground.
The pros and cons are the same as for petrol but diesel is better suited for properties where diesel may be more readily available due to use by other equipment.

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