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Browse our range of portable camping fridges, coolers and freezers for sale, including models which run on 12V and 24V outlets as well as 240V mains power. Fast delivery available Australia-wide.

Ready for adventure

On your next camping trip, don’t settle for half-melted ice cream and lukewarm drinks. Give the old ice box a break with a brand new car fridge from Klika. Our Kolner camping car fridges are jam-packed with fantastic features, including a powerful compressor and the ability to switch from fridge to freezer with just the press of a button.
With sizes from 20L all the way to 125L, you can find a portable fridge for your car, truck, trailer or caravan. Our compact car fridges are perfect for short trips and afternoon BBQs at the park, while our larger models will suit road trips and big parties. Keep your drinks ice cold and your BBQ ingredients fresh until you’re ready to grill or cook!
Even better, our 80L and 125L camping fridges have separate fridge and freezer compartments — so you can stop worrying about the food and just focus on the fun.

12V, 24V and 240V compatible

Our camping fridge freezers work with both 12V and 24V outlets so you can simply plug them into your car or truck’s power socket. They’re also compatible with any 240V mains outlet. Whether you plan to host a big BBQ in the backyard or take the kids out for a fun weekend of camping, you can rely on your Kolner car fridge to keep your food and drinks cool at all times.
Browse our full range of Kolner camping fridges, including models with trolleys for added portability. Order today and get the perfect companion for your next long trip out in Australia’s beauty!
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