Jumbo Trampoline

Elevate Your Bouncing Experience with Jumbo Trampolines

Explore numerous trampolining possibilities with Kahuna's Jumbo range, available in oval and rectangular shapes. These non-traditional designs offer a unique twist to your bouncing adventures, providing extra space and a distinct bounce that adds a new dimension to your outdoor fun!

Leap to New Heights with Jumbo Trampolines

Dive into the world of jumbo trampolines at Klika! Shopping for trampolines online has never been more convenient. Explore our diverse range, choose your preferred shape and enjoy the benefits of safe, spacious bouncing right in your backyard.

Elevate your outdoor fun today with Kahuna Jumbo trampolines — the ultimate choice for those who want more from their trampolining adventures!

Safety, Space and a Superior Bounce

Get ready for an exhilarating leap! Our Jumbo trampolines boast all the safety features of our Kahuna Classic Round trampoline models PLUS a bigger mat and a bigger bounce. Experience the thrill of soaring higher while ensuring the safety of every jump, making Kahuna's Jumbo range the go-to choice for a superior trampolining experience.

Extras That Elevate

Enjoy the perks of shopping with us! All our Jumbo models come with a bonus ladder for easy access and a convenient shoe compartment to keep your play area tidy. We believe in enhancing your bounce and overall trampolining experience with thoughtful extras that make every jump even more enjoyable!

Why Buy Jumbo Trampolines?

Find out why Kahuna Jumbo trampolines stand out as the top choice for those seeking the pinnacle of bouncing excitement. From unparalleled space to enhanced safety features, here are the reasons why Jumbo Trampolines are the way to go:

Spacious Designs 

Experience a new dimension of bouncing fun with our Jumbo trampolines, available in oval and rectangular shapes. These spacious designs provide extra room for jumping adventures, ensuring people of different ages and sizes can get in on the fun.

Superior Bounce

Elevate your bouncing experience with a Jumbo trampoline. Enjoy a bigger bounce that adds an extra thrill to every leap, making it the ideal choice for those seeking a superior trampolining experience.

Impeccable Safety Features

Our Jumbo trampolines prioritise safety without compromising on excitement. Benefit from all the safety features found in our Kahuna Classic Round models, ensuring a secure and worry-free bouncing experience for all.

Bonus Features

Choosing a Jumbo trampoline comes with added perks. Enjoy a bonus ladder for easy access to your jumping haven and a convenient shoe compartment to keep your play area organised.

If you’re in the market for trampolines of different sizes, shapes and configurations, check out other Kahuna faves! Explore unique and innovative trampolines, from rectangular and oval shapes to springless models!

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