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Chainsaws for Sale – Electric & Petrol Powered Chainsaws and Tools

For pruning shrubs to cutting thick logs, you need a tool that can be easy to operate and light to handle. To carry out wood chopping jobs like these, you need precision and nothing could be better than a chainsaw to get the desired accuracy. At Klika.com.au, you are bound to find the perfect chainsaw for your needs. 

Our Range of Chainsaws That Would Make You Fall in Love with Wood Chopping

We have an extensive range of chainsaws available on our website Klika.com.au. The chainsaws are some of the amazing machine manufacturing brands such as Yukon and Husqvarna. At Klika.com.au you can select from a wide range of chainsaws starting from 25cc to 62cc power out and the length range starting from 10 inches going up to 24 inches. Along with chainsaws, you get a wide range of options for the chainsaw accessories such as chainsaw sharpener, chainsaw sharpener discs, chainsaw chains, chainsaw bags to name a few.


How to Determine the Best Chainsaw for You

Chainsaws come in various sizes and it may become tricky to determine the best length of the chainsaw for your needs. The best way to know which chainsaw to pick is by knowing what kind of work you plan to do with your chainsaw. Here are a few jobs that are categorized on the basis of volume that can help you determine just the right size of the chainsaw bags you need.


Light jobs

Light jobs or light use refers to trivial tasks such as pruning shrubs and trees, more or less for general maintenance. The cutting bar of such chainsaws ideal for light jobs measures about 14 inches and below. The chainsaws under this size category are also recommended for beginners. They are safest and mostly are electrically powered.


Moderate jobs

Jobs such as cutting through tree branches and logs may require more power and intensity, therefore you may onsider a chainsaw with a cutting bar ranging from 16 to 18 inches. Chainsaws under this category are highly versatile and are usually regarded as general purpose machines. Most of these models are powered by petrol while a few are electrically powered.



A heavy-duty job would be anything with a chainsaw bar of more than 18 inches. These are the biggest chainsaw models available and are designed to cut through thick tree trunks with large diameters. This range would be ideal for those living in rural areas who would most likely be carrying out a series of heavy-duty jobs. Also, chainsaws with over 18 inches cutting bar are best suited for professional and commercial use.


Why Choose Klika.com.au For Chainsaws and Sharpening Tools

With a wide range of products, Klika.com.au offers a fantastic opportunity to buy diverse range of chainsaws and tools. We offer you these products at competitive prices and also would deliver them to your doorstep making shopping a delightful experience. You can choose for an interest free buy now and pay later option at Klika.com.au. You can also place your order over the phone, online with V live chat support and can also visit our store if you reside in Melbourne.

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