4.5 ft Trampoline

Jump Into Fun with Kahuna Mini 4.5 ft Trampoline

Bring forth a world of joy for your kids with our selection of this toddler trampoline. This line is designed exclusively for tiny tots where safety, fun and endless smiles await your little ones!

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Creating Memories With Each Jump

We believe in creating moments of joy for every age. Kahuna 4.5 ft mini trampolines are not just play equipment; they are gateways to boundless happiness for your little ones. Designed with safety, fun and compact living in mind, these trampolines are the perfect addition to your child's playtime repertoire.

Jumpstart your child's active journey with trampolines perfectly sized for their boundless energy.

Safety First, Fun Always

Safeguard your little jumpers with Kahuna’s specially crafted 4.5 ft mini trampolines. Engineered with child safety in mind, safety features such as the inner safety net and the anti-grazing mat allow these mini wonders to provide secure, supervised bouncing. Discover peace of mind as your little ones explore the thrill of bouncing in a secure and controlled environment.

Compact Bliss for Small Spaces

Transform small spaces into big adventures! Kahuna's 4.5 ft mini trampolines are the ideal size for compact areas, ensuring you can bring the joy of bouncing into any corner of your home. Maximize fun in limited spaces with trampolines tailored for younger children.

Optimal Size for Young Bouncers 

These 4.5ft mini trampolines are the perfect size to ensure a safe and delightful experience for toddlers and young children to engage in active play while staying within a compact and secure bouncing zone. Elevate their playtime to new heights with a trampoline that's just their size.
For trampolines of different sizes and configurations, make sure to check out other Kahuna trampolines for more options, including rectangular, oval and springless trampolines.

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