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We use a variety of tools that make our work easy and save a lot of cost and energy. A ramp is one such device that makes loading and unloading painless. Now you can buy our selected range of loading ramps online at Klika.com.au, one of Australia’s leading departmental online stores.

Klika.com.au Offers A Wide Range of Ramps for Sale

Klika.com.au offers you a selected range of ramps, right from heavy duty aluminium trailer ramps to cargo shipping container loading ramps. The trailer ramps and shipping container ramps come in various dimensions and capacities such as 1.6mX30cm, 2.0mX30cm, 7000 KG, 6500 KG to name a few.


The Science of Loading Ramps

There is a couple of scientific explanation of how the ramps work.


Force and Distance

A heavy piece of construction equipment if not loaded on a trailer with the help of a loading ramp, would have to be lifted by a crane. The question that arises is- Why? A. Because it takes a tremendous amount of force to overcome gravity when lifting an object by pulling it from above and B. A greater downward force is exerted on the object the higher it goes.


Using loading ramps rather than pulling the piece of equipment straight up, the operator moves it across an inclined distance which eventually spreads gravitational force across a surface plane which makes it easier for the operator to overcome that force. The result is less energy required to move the same object.


Kinetic and Potential Energies

Kinetic energy is the energy in motion and it puts increased stress on the ramps while you push the piece of equipment up the ramp. With the gravitational pull, kinetic energy puts stress on the rear of the trailer and that is the reason why ramps have to be firmly affixed and trailers have to be locked in position.

On the other hand, potential energy is the stored energy and it exists in the piece of equipment even as it is moving up the ramps. If even one ramp is unsteady, the potential energy could transform into kinetic energy, which will cause the piece of equipment to fall off the ramp.


Well, thankfully the engineers who design ramps work out all the physics before attempting to load anything onto a trailer.


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Klika.com.au is one of Australia’s leading online stores that offer aluminium loading ramps at a competitive price. Shop from Klika.com.au with confidence and be assured that we align ourselves with reliable payment partners such as Zippay and Paypal to name a few. Also, you can place your order over the phone or online with live chat support. If you are keen to look and feel the products you can also visit our brick and mortar store in Melbourne. Klika.com.au offers you an interest-free buy now and pay later option too that gives you the freedom to own what you want now and pay for it later.

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