12ft Trampolines

Bounce away to endless hours of fun with our selection of Kahuna 12ft trampolines! Perfect for families with younger children, our trampolines provide a safe and fun way to enjoy physical activity and outdoor play for little ones. Available in a variety of features and designs to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect trampoline for your kids!

The perfect gift for the active kid

Providing ample playing space and great bouncing height, a 12ft trampoline is a good choice for your kid’s first trampoline! Provided with an enclosure net and quality safety padding, your kids can jump, bounce and play away safely for hours.

Amazing features for your peace of mind

Our trampolines are designed to provide the best bouncing experience with safety features and durability in mind. It features a bouncy jumping mat and a UV-resistant surface that can withstand Australian weather. To ensure safety, the trampoline has a full-enclosure safety net with a fine mesh material and a zip-and-clip entrance. Its trampoline padding is thick, durable, and UV-resistant, available in a variety of vibrant colours.

To ensure premium-quality durability, it’s built with a heavy-duty steel frame that is powder-coated to defend against rust and corrosion, providing superior support. And finally, bouncing is supported by high-carbon steel springs with extreme strength and recoil. We also have springless models available.

Overall, a Kahuna 12ft trampoline is a great investment that combines fun, safety, and durability for the whole family!

A great addition to any backyard

A great source of outdoor entertainment, our trampolines are designed to withstand the harsh Australian weather so you don’t have to worry about their durability when installed outside. Providing both fun and exercise, our trampolines are a great way to get outside and enjoy some fresh air, promoting a healthier lifestyle for your little ones.

Benefits of owning a 12ft trampoline

Owning a 12ft trampoline in your backyard does not just mean hours of fun, but also offers great benefits. Its wide bouncing area provides ample space for your kids while still being able to comfortably fit in backyards with limited space. Not to mention, a 12ft trampoline can be a safer option compared to larger trampolines as it is easier to control the jump height and prevent users from bouncing too high or too far. Ultimately reducing the risk of injury.

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