Trampoline Basketball Sets

Score big as you jump with glee with our quality trampoline basketball sets! Elevating your trampoline experience, these hoops are designed for endless fun and entertainment, turning your trampoline into a basketball court. It’s the perfect trampoline accessory for practising your dunking skills or engaging in friendly competitions with friends and family!

Fun for Everyone

Whether you're a basketball enthusiast or just looking for some outdoor entertainment, our trampoline basketball sets are suitable for all ages and skill levels. With easy assembly and simple gameplay, everyone can join in on the fun!

Choose Your Hoop

Choose from our two exciting options: the classic trampoline basketball set with a mini basketball or the special LED hoop set with a light-up basketball. Whichever you choose, you're guaranteed hours of entertainment and enjoyment.

Light Up Your Game

Take your trampoline basketball to the next level with our LED hoop set! Featuring a light-up mini basketball, this set adds an extra element of excitement and visual appeal to your games, turning your backyard into a dazzling arena of fun.

Convenient Online Shopping

Having trouble looking for a trampoline hoop in stores? Enjoy the convenience of shopping online with Klika! Browse our selection of trampoline basketball sets from the comfort of your home, and with our secure checkout process, you can shop with confidence. Plus, with fast nationwide shipping, your order will arrive in no time flat!

Elevate Your Trampoline Experience

Discover more ways to elevate your trampoline enjoyment with our range of additional trampoline accessories. From anti-slip socks for safety to trampoline covers for protection against the elements, we have what you need to customise your setup. 

Want to add some extra excitement to your game? Opt for our separate additional light-up basketball, compatible with our special LED hoop for a dazzling display of nighttime fun. Explore our collection of accessories and take your trampoline experience to new heights!

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