Pool Covers Solar Blanket and Pool Cover Roller

Keep your pool clean and protected all year long with our range of high-quality pool covers! Whether your pool is round or rectangular, big or small, above-ground or in-ground, we offer a variety of sizes and shapes to fit any type of pool.

What are pool covers?

Pool covers are an essential part of any pool owner’s maintenance routine, helping to keep the pool clean and free of debris when not in use. They also help retain heat and lower water evaporation by acting as a barrier between the pool and outdoor air. They are available in various materials such as mesh, vinyl, and solid materials like fibreglass.

What are the benefits of using pool covers?

When not in use, a pool cover can be hugely beneficial for your pool. It helps keep the temperature of your pool regulated, as well as reduce evaporation so you don't waste water or lose precious chemicals. It also protects your pool from foreign materials like leaves, dirt and debris which can clog filters and affect chemical balance. And once you laid out the pool cover, you don't have to lift another finger to gain these benefits!

Overall, pool covers are a cost-effective and practical way to enhance pool maintenance, safety, and energy efficiency.

Effortless pool maintenance

Easy to install and made to last, our HydroActive pool covers provide a layer of insulation that not only helps keep your pool's temperature but also blocks dirt, leaves and other debris from your pool's water so you don't have to waste time skimming before taking a dip. You can just simply remove the cover and jump right in!

We also have adjustable pool cover rollers available for a faster and more efficient way to retract your pool covers when you’re ready to swim again!

Premium-quality material

Our newest pool covers from HydroActive are made with quality polyethylene material with top-of-the-line QuadCell technology that is designed to withstand the elements and provide long-lasting protection for your pool. QuadCell benefits also include superior heat retention, reduced water evaporation and reduced indoor condensation.

Can’t find a QuadCell cover in your desired size? While our covers can be cut to your desired size, our 400 micron and 500 micron covers come in a wide range of sizes from 6.5 x 3m all the way up to 10m x 4m for large pools!

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