Heavy Duty Shelving

Heavy Duty Shelving and Longspan Shelving

The ultimate solution for organising your garage or warehouse — Heavy Duty Shelving, Longspan Shelving and Longspan Racking! Maximise your space with durable, adjustable shelving systems designed to handle heavy loads and bulk storage items.

Centurion® Heavy Duty Shelving - Maximise Your Storage Space Today!

Organise your warehouse, stockroom or garage using Centurion® Heavy Duty Shelving. Our durable and versatile storage solution is designed to handle heavy loads and resist wear and tear. With adjustable shelves, you can customise the unit to fit your specific needs.

  • Exceptional Strength: Built to last with premium-grade materials
  • Versatile and Adjustable: Accommodate items of all sizes
  • Easy Access: Quick retrieval and efficient inventory management
  • Space Optimisation: Maximize storage capacity and floor space

Invest in Centurion® Heavy Duty Shelving and experience the difference it can make in your storage efficiency. Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your space. Shop now and unlock the power of organised storage with Centurion!

Don't get stung: Many sellers overstate their loading capacity. This practice is not only dishonest but also dangerous.

As an example, our 100kg-per-shelf racking (400kg total) is its safe working load, it has been tested far beyond that.

The total weight in steel for one bay of our 'light duty' shelving is over 40kg, however, some sellers have a weaker unit (weighing in at just 32kg of steel) and are quoting a working load of 600-800kg! (In reality, their bays are rated at 60kg per shelf, a little over half ours).

Our 200kg-per-shelf units have a similar story with sellers quoting 500kg-per-shelf, and our (real) 500-kg-per-shelf is unmatched!

This old saying "You get what you pay for" is certainly the case with heavy-duty steel shelving. So don't risk buying cheap, overrated junk.

Our shelving will effortlessly support its stated capacity and endure for decades. This could be the last shelving you will ever need to buy in your lifetime!

Stay Organised with Heavy Duty Shelving

With our garage storage solutions, every tool, product, or vehicle accessory you own will have its own designated spot. Need your gardening tools? Check out shelf A. Planning a road trip that calls for some emergency equipment? Shelf B is where it's at!

Our heavy duty shelving units offer easy DIY assembly for garages big and small. If you have limited floor space, our high-quality units will maximise your usage area without compromising the space for your vehicles and larger items. And it’s not just for garages — our shelving solutions are ideal for sheds, warehouses, offices and more!

Even better, our heavy duty shelving can be interlinked to extend to a desired length. You can also purchase single bays for the ultimate versatility.

Contact us today to explore our affordable range of heavy-duty shelving and garage storage solutions.

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