Round Trampoline

Explore the joy of bouncing with our curated collection of Classic Round Trampolines

From dynamic play to boundless fun, these circular wonders redefine backyard entertainment.

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Round Trampolines for Every Age

Delve into the world of playful circles with our selection of round trampolines. Enjoy the freedom to bounce, laugh, and create lasting memories with the versatile nature of the Kahuna Round Trampoline. With its wide range of colours and sizes, it's an absolute fun time for the whole family.

Safety in Every Jump

Made with safety at its core the Kahuna Round trampoline is engineered for stability and safe use with its strong and sturdy metal frame and durable safety net, ensuring a secure jumping experience for the entire family. Bounce with confidence, knowing that your trampoline is designed for utmost safety. 

Style and Bounce

Elevate your backyard entertainment with circular euphoria. Kahuna’s Round trampolines seamlessly combine style and bounce, transforming your backyard into a vibrant playground. 

One Click Away to Trampoline Joy

Experience backyard joy effortlessly with our round trampolines available for online shopping. Unveil a selection that blends affordability, quality craftsmanship and bouncing delight. Make your backyard a hub of joy!

Why Get the Kahuna Round Trampoline?

Discover the exceptional features that make the Kahuna Classic Round Trampoline a standout choice:

Heavy-duty Black Steel Frame

Crafted with a sturdy black steel frame, the Kahuna Classic ensures durability and stability for countless hours of bouncing fun.

Anti-Graze Flat-Rolled Mat

The anti-graze flat-rolled mat provides a smooth and secure surface, ensuring a comfortable and safe bouncing experience for jumpers of all ages.

UV-Stabilised & Tear-Resistant Padding

Enjoy long-lasting performance with UV-stabilised and tear-resistant padding, designed to withstand the elements and maintain its quality over time.

Safety Net with D-Shaped Zipper

Ensuring safety without compromising convenience, the Kahuna Classic features a safety net with a D-shaped zipper for easy entrance and exit, providing a secure jumping environment.

Choose the Kahuna Classic Round Trampoline for an all-around blend of safety, durability and superior bouncing joy in one package. Make sure to check out other Kahuna trampolines for more options of jumping bliss, including rectangular, oval and springless trampolines.

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