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We have a selected range of natural gym supplements for you to improve muscle growth and also give you more strength during intense workout sessions. You can buy everything related to supplementation such as amino-rich proteins, maltodextrin carbs, or protein shaker bottle. Fuel right to get the best out of your workouts.


Why You Need Supplements During Workout?

Supplements can help reach your fitness goals faster when taken in conjunction with a balanced nutrition plan and workout routine. Proteins are the basic building block for muscle growth. Thus, protein supplements can accelerate your body’s ability to burn more body fat quickly and build lean muscle mass. Please seek medical advise before taking any supplements.


Our body needs the energy to complete everyday efficiently. We get most of the energy from carbohydrates, and thus it plays a vital role to cater to our energy needs.

At Klika, you can buy Inform Pure Dextrose Monohydrate Fast Acting Carb, which is the best form of dextrose carbohydrate. It is sugar and salt-free hence you don’t need to worry about the fat accumulation in the body. Our system digests it very quickly and converts it into glucose for instant recovery from any intense physical activity.

You can buy our range at As a responsible online retailer, we advise you to check for the authenticity of the workout & sports supplements that you buy online and always take the dosage as prescribed by your trainer or physician.


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