Yoga Mats & Yoga Accessories

Whether you're a seasoned yogi or just starting out, we have the equipment you’re looking for. From yoga mats to other accessories like balance boards and rubber mats, you can find it all here at Klika!

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Unleash Your Inner Yogi

Are you about to start your yoga journey? At Klika, you’ll find what you need to enhance your yoga practice and create a more comfortable experience. Our collection offers high-quality yoga mats and accessories that come in a variety of colours and designs you can choose from. Whether it's hot yoga sessions to gentle stretching routines, our mats offer superior cushioning and grip to make your sessions more enjoyable.

Innovative Materials for a Mindful Practice

Our yoga mats are made from eco-friendly TPE material, which is both latex-free and PVC-free, so you know they’re a safe and healthy choice for your yoga practice. Its two-toned design is not only stylish but also functional as it helps you differentiate the top and bottom of the mat.

Not only that, but our mats feature a non-slip surface that provides the perfect grip for any type of yoga practice, so you can focus more on your poses without worrying about slipping. Additionally, the mat's thickness provides gentle cushioning for added comfort during your sessions. So if you're someone who values eco-friendliness, safety, and comfort in your yoga practice, our yoga mats are a great choice!

Accessorise Your Zen 

In addition to mats, we have a selection of accessories that can help you deepen your yoga practice. From massage acupressure mats and incline gymnastic mats to exercise rollers, balance boards and more, here at Klika, you can find aids or alternatives to your yoga practice to enhance the experience!

What are the benefits of using yoga mats?

Yoga mats are essential for practising yoga. They’re designed to provide a stable and comfortable surface for your practice, and they offer several benefits to enhance your yoga experience.

1. Helps you maintain proper alignment

Using a yoga mat can help you maintain proper alignment during your practice. The mat's surface provides traction, which allows you to grip the ground and maintain your balance as you move through different postures. 

2. Provides proper cushioning and support

Yoga mats offer cushioning and support for your joints. Practising yoga on a hard surface only puts stress on your knees, wrists, and other joints, leading to pain and discomfort. But with a yoga mat, you can enjoy a softer surface that absorbs shock and reduces the impact.

3. Personalises your yoga journey

Moreover, yoga mats can also help you personalise your practice and make it more enjoyable. By selecting a mat that reflects your personality or style, you can create a fun and engaging atmosphere that motivates you to stick to your practice.

4. Fosters a strong sense of community

Lastly, yoga mats can provide a sense of community and connection with other yogis. By practising on your mat in a group class or at a yoga retreat, you can share your practice with others and learn from their experiences. This can help you feel more connected and supported in your yoga journey.

Tips for using your yoga mat effectively

A good mat should provide cushioning, support and stability during your practice, but proper use is key to getting the most out of it. Here are some tips for using your yoga mat effectively.

1. Clean your mat regularly

Sweat, dirt, and bacteria can build up on your mat over time, so it's important to clean it regularly. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that can damage the mat's surface.

2. Use a towel for sweat

Yoga can be a sweaty practice, especially in hot yoga or intense vinyasa classes. To avoid slipping on a wet mat, use a towel to absorb sweat and provide extra grip.

3. Find your alignment

Your yoga mat can be a tool to help you find proper alignment in your poses. Use the lines or markings on your mat to gauge your distance and placement, and use them as a reference for your hands, feet, and other body parts.

4. Store your mat properly

When you're not using your yoga mat, it's important to store it properly to prevent damage and prolong its lifespan. Roll it up to prevent creases, and avoid leaving it in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

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