Kids' Pedal Go Karts

Ready. Set. Go Kart! Fill your kid’s passion for racing with our selection of pedal-powered go karts. Fun, fast and made to last, it will make for a truly memorable gift!

Go-karts — the perfect children's gift

Bring out your child’s adventurous side with this awesome kids' outdoor vehicle. Built with strong materials, our pedal-powered ride ons are made to grow with your kid. Whether it’s for their birthday or Christmas, a kids’ pedal go kart is always an unforgettable childhood present!

A sense of adventure and excitement

With a pedal-powered go kart, your child's adventure is just on the horizon. Watch your kid spin, drift and race around the backyard with a big smile on their face. Whether they’re racing with friends or playing pretend, any go-kart is sure to bring on the thrill your child needs to experience!

Cruise around in style

Ditch the boring bike and give your kid the realistic driving experience that a kids’ pedal go kart can provide. With four treaded rubber tyres, a directional steering wheel and cool racing decals, your little one will feel like a true motorsport racer.

Fun and active

With all the pent-up energy a kid has, a pedal go kart is a perfect way to keep them active for years! Most children don't even care whether something fun is good for their body or not, but at least you as a parent know that a pedal-powered ride on can go a long way in improving your child's developing muscles.

Safety first

For an awesome riding experience, our kids' go karts have various functional features. Made with your child's safety in mind, most models include an adjustable seat, switchable riding modes, rollover prevention and a responsive brake system for a fun and safe drive.

Go kart benefits for children

Any activity your kid choose to do with a go kart will always have its benefits. More than just for driving and looking cool, a pedal ride on can improve your child’s reflexes, coordination skills, environmental awareness and even cognitive thinking.

Find the perfect go kart for your kids today at Klika and have it delivered straight to your door in Australia!

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