Jockey Wheels

Buy jockey wheels in Australia

Want to move or reposition your camper without breaking a sweat? Check out our line of ratchet and electric jockey wheels designed for effortless maneuvering.

Moving Heavy Loads Made Easier

Tired of removing and reinstalling your jockey wheel at every pit stop? Our Rigg Swing Jockey Wheel rotates to a horizontal position, so you can keep it on your drawbar while you're on the road. It's not just for convenience, either - this heavy-duty tool can support up to 1000kg in weight.

Smooth Rolling Wheels

Featuring a robust and wear-resistant quality wheel, our selection glides over different surfaces effortlessly. Even more, its great grip rubber material provides an extra layer of protection in slippery conditions.

Effortless Traversing

Tight parking at home or on the campgrounds? It's no problem with a robust jockey wheel. Featuring a 350kg static capacity, the AL-KO Ratchet Jockey Wheel makes light work of manoeuvring any caravan or trailer to navigate through tricky and tough spots. With three settings (forward, reverse and stop) and an adjustable jack, it's the easiest way to park your trailer or hook it up to your tow vehicle.

Versatile Heavy-Duty Handling

Equipped with an electric motor and a solid rubber wheel, the heavy-duty construction of our electric jockey wheels ensures you tackle the toughest vehicle loads with ease while delivering a durable and reliable performance. Its application is not just limited to campers; it works fantastically well on caravans and horse floats as well, proving its versatile utility.

Serious Pulling Power

Our Mini Mover Electric Jockey Wheels underlines convenience. With a distinctive yellow cap to switch between manual or free-wheel mode, the wheel is easy to locate, thus making the operation straightforward. It's capable of moving substantial loads without any hurdles. Your days of hard and laborious manual work are over; let the Mini Mover do all the hard work.

Australian Quality, Support and Warranty

We supply quality jockey wheels and parts for all your towing, camping and travelling needs. If you’re after a replacement or you want to upgrade to a motorised jockey wheel, our online range ensures that you can find what you need and have it delivered Australia-wide. Our products are backed by local warranty and support, so you can buy with confidence knowing that you can contact us 7 days a week. Browse our range today and get your new jockey wheel in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it connect to power?

Via the supplied cable that will connect from the jockey wheel to any 12V battery with 24Ah capacity or greater.

What surfaces does it work on?

Any hard surface that does not have an incline greater than 7 degrees.

Why can't I use this item on my dual axle?

This unit will not suit double axle trailers due to the lack of weight on the jockey wheel for grip.

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