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If you lead an active lifestyle and are involved in sports, you will undoubtedly challenge your body to different lengths. Unfortunately, sports injury can be common and may linger on if you don’t look after yourself. As a preventative measure, sporting support accessories can come in handy and should be a sporting essential for our sports enthusiasts. From elbow and wrist support, right down to shoulder and ankle support, you are bound to find the right kind of support for your sporting needs. Visit for our range of sporting support.

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One of Australia’s leading online department stores, offers a selected range of sporting support. Sports support such as wrist sports injury compression support, elbow sports injury compression support, shoulder sports injury compression support to name a few are just a click away.


How to Prevent Sports Injury?

There are various measures by which you can prevent a possible sports injury while working out. Below are some recommendations.


Warm Up

A warm-up is the most important and significant way to reduce the likelihood of sports injury. A warm-up session should last at least 5-10 minutes and should involve stretching and moving different muscle groups Some good warm up ideas may include push ups, squat jumps, high knees to name a few.


Sporting Support

Wearing the right sporting support is as important as a good warm up. Sporting support such as elbow support prevents you from tennis elbow while playing racquet sports, kneecap support averts any kind of knee injury in almost all sports.



It is important to learn the correct techniques associated with your chosen sport. Practising good technique and maintaining good form can reduce sports-related injury to your muscles, tendons and bones.


Remain Hydrated

It is recommended to drink 2 Litres of water daily and more if you lead a very active life. Stay hydrated and increase your water intake when working out during the warmer and summer months.


Cool Down

Just as it is important to warm-up properly, it is also essential to cool down sufficiently after a physical activity. After your workout, spend at least 5-10 minutes undertaking a gentle exercise such as walking to return your heart rate to a normal pace.


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