Long Span Shelving and Garage Racking

Steel garage shelving is an ideal way to keep your garage, shed, or warehouse neat and tidy. Our shelving (often called 'Long Span Shelving' or 'Long SPan Racking') can be interlinked to extend to any length required, or you can purchase single bays for the ultimate versatility.
Don't get stung: There are many sellers with similar racking who over-state their loading capacity. That is not only dishonest but dangerous.
As an example, our 100kg-per-shelf racking (400kg total) is it's safe working load, it has been tested far beyond that.
The total weight in steel for one bay of our 'light duty' shelving is over 40kg, however some sellers have a weaker unit (weighing in at just 32kg of steel) and are quoting a working load of 600-800kg! (In reality their bays are rated at 60kg-per shelf, a little over half ours).
Our 200kg-per-shelf units have a similar story with sellers quoting 500kg-per-shelf, and our (real) 500-kg-per-shelf is unmatched!
This old saying "You get what you pay for" is certainly the case with heavy duty steel shelving, don't risk buying cheap, overrated junk.
Our shelving will easily hold its quoted capacity and will last for decades! This is the last shelving you will need to buy in your lifetime!
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