HolySmoke Turntable Gordon - Black

HolySmoke Turntable Gordon - Black

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Do you have a great collection of vinyls sitting in a box somewhere collecting dust? Why not digitize these old-fashioned LP's so you can play them on your portable media player and preserve your collection of classic songs forever!
The HolySmoke USB Turntable allows you to both record and play your favourite vinyl records. Using the Audacity audio editing software you can record your vinyl music to your computer saving it in digital format with just a few simple steps. This USB Turntable is a plug-and-play device so it requires no driver installation. It also supports the attachment of external speakers via the RCA output. So save those classic vinyl tunes for years to come with this fantastic turntable player and USB recorder.  
  • 1. 3 Speeds Large Platter Turntable for 33 1/3, 45 & 78 RPM
  • 45 RPM adapter 
  • Uses Audacity software for MAC/PC to convert audio.
  • RCA output jack 
  • Ceramic stereo cartridge with stylus (Made in Japan) 
  • Belt drive system 
  • Wooden cabinet with glossy finish
  • Power On/Off Switch 
  • Two Metal legs located at the front side 
  • DC adaptor jack with CE approval adaptor

sku:  hs-trntble-blk

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