3 Seater Sofas

Discover luxurious comfort with our carefully curated 3 seater sofa collection—a perfect blend of style and substance. Designed to enhance your space, explore our selection to find a stylish, ergonomic, functional and vibrant addition to your living room.

Grandeur in Threes

Discover style and comfort with our exquisite range of 3 seater sofas. From classic upholstery and unique textures to unique features and a variety of configurations, each piece is a testament to quality in design. Appreciate the balance of form and function with a statement piece that captures attention; a bold statement in every home.

The Adaptable Allure of 3 Seaters

Looking for a centrepiece for a spacious living room or a versatile addition to a cosy den? Our 3 seater sofa collection is a great selection to explore. Redefining versatility, discover modular designs, diverse colour palettes and configurations that adapt to your unique lifestyle. Embrace the freedom to create a personalised sanctuary that resonates with you. Shop for your sofa needs with Klika Australia today!

Modular Designs and Versatile Configurations for 3 Seater Sofas

Chaise Lounge Extension

A chaise extension allows for an extended lounging area. Perfect for those who enjoy stretching out or need additional seating space.

Ottoman Attachment

Attachable ottomans provide flexibility for transforming your 3-seater sofa into a chaise-style lounge or creating a makeshift coffee table. Ideal for those who value multifunctional furniture.

Interchangeable Sections

Divide and conquer with modular sections that can be rearranged. Create a cosy corner or elongate the sofa to suit various room layouts, offering adaptability for evolving living spaces.

Hidden Storage Compartments

Maximise space efficiency by incorporating hidden storage within the sofa. Perfect for stowing away extra blankets, pillows, or even remote controls, keeping your living room organised and clutter-free.

Modular Corner Unit

A modular corner unit transforms your sofa into a sectional. This allows for the creation of an L-shaped sofa, optimising seating arrangements for social gatherings.

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