6 Seater Sofas

Delve into the luxurious comfort of spacious seating and elevated style with our handpicked 6 seater sofa collection. Discover a variety of choices, where each sofa is a canvas for socialising, relaxation and more.

Made for Grand Gatherings

Transform your living room into a space for family bonding and grand gatherings with our exquisite range of 6 seater sofas. Ranging from contemporary showstoppers to classic ensembles, each sofa is a tribute to durability. Elevate your living room's aesthetic with the perfect fusion of generous seating, innovative configurations and striking design creating the perfect backdrop for memorable family moments.

The Collective Comfort of 6 Seater Sofas

Our 6 seater sofas online selection is crafted for collective comfort for the whole family. Featuring sturdy frames, resilient springs and upholstery fabrics chosen for their sumptuous touch, these sofas redefine the art of social lounging and family time. Indulge in the allure of grandeur, where every seat becomes an invitation to lavish comfort and sociable elegance.

Modular Designs and Versatile Configurations to Consider

Chaise Lounge Extension

Need extra seating room? Add a chaise extension for more lounging space. Great for those who like to stretch out as they relax.

Ottoman Attachment

Attachable ottomans offer flexibility, giving your sofa a removable chaise-style attachment or a handy coffee table. 

Interchangeable Sections

Mix and match modular sections to create a cosy corner or lengthen the sofa to fit different room setups. Ideal for adjusting to changing living space needs.

Hidden Storage Compartments

Make the most of space by choosing a sofa with hidden storage. Great for keeping extra blankets, pillows, or remotes neatly tucked away, maintaining a clutter-free living room.

Modular Corner Unit

A modular corner unit turns your sofa into an L-shaped sectional, perfect for optimising seating arrangements during social gatherings.

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