Safe & Organised: Storage Safety Tips You Should Keep In Mind

Written by Klika Australia,  5th September 2023
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Learn about the key safety measures to keep in mind when installing and using long-span shelving.

Planning out your garage, warehouse or workshop? Whether you're storing boxes of inventory or heavy tools and equipment, following storage safety precautions is absolutely critical. A disorganised and improperly secured storage system can lead to multiple risks, not to mention inefficiency.

Within a commercial setting, where heavy-duty equipment, tools and supplies find their place on long-span shelving, stability and structural soundness are important. That’s why the implementation of safety protocols should be taken seriously to effectively reduce the likelihood of any potential mishaps, damage or harm.

Keeping storage safety in mind

When utilising long-span shelving, it’s incredibly important to keep safety in mind. With that said, here are a few tips you should follow:

Know the weight capacity

Be mindful of the weight capacity specified for each shelf and the overall unit. Avoid overloading shelves, as this can lead to instability and potential collapses.

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Secure your shelving units

If your garage or workshop is prone to vibrations or potential accidents, such as from vehicles entering or exiting, earthquakes or other environmental factors, consider anchoring the shelving units to the wall or floor for added stability.

Properly store hazardous materials

If you store hazardous materials or chemicals on your steel shelves, make sure they are stored in appropriate containers with secure lids. Place them out of reach of children and pets to prevent accidental exposure.

Ensure you have adequate ventilation

Some items stored on long-span shelving may emit fumes or require proper ventilation. Ensure there is adequate airflow around such items to minimise the buildup of potentially harmful gases. Avoid storing flammable or combustible materials near sources of heat, open flames or electrical equipment.

Clear the pathways

Maintain clear and unobstructed pathways around your shelving. This allows for easy access to items and helps prevent accidents caused by tripping or stumbling.

Proper lighting

Ensure that the area where your garage shelving is located is well-lit. Sufficient lighting helps you navigate the space safely and reduces the risk of accidents while retrieving or organising items on the shelves.

Regular maintenance

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Routinely inspect your garage shelving for any signs of wear, damage or instability. Address any issues promptly by repairing or replacing damaged components to ensure continued safety and functionality.

Be sure to incorporate these safety tips so you can create a secure environment and minimise the risk of potential hazards.

Ensuring the safety of your garage shelving is paramount, particularly in a commercial setting where heavy-duty equipment and supplies are stored. By adhering to the key safety measures discussed, you can create a secure and organised space that minimises the risk of accidents, damages and injuries.

By incorporating these safety tips into your garage shelving setup, you can create a safe and efficient storage space, giving you peace of mind as you work or tinker away in your work environment. Prioritising safety will not only protect your belongings but also ensure the well-being of everyone who uses or passes through the space. Stay organised, stay safe and enjoy the convenience of a properly secured and maintained garage shelving system!

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