Marquee and Gazebo Buying Guide

Written by Klika Australia,  14th November 2022 | Updated: 8th January 2024
Marquee and Gazebo Buying Guide
So you have an upcoming outdoor event and want to make the venue extra fabulous and easy to spot. Perhaps, you can consider setting up a heavy-duty and lovely marquee to kick off the preparations?

Marquees are becoming popular today, especially for outdoor social events, including corporate events, weddings and promotional campaigns. It is a seamless and sophisticated marketing strategy that yields impressive results.

A marquee draws people to it and, at the same time, it serves as a protective barrier against the natural elements. This tent-like structure creates a private space for you and your gathering.

Although marquees are typically associated with summer weddings and festivities, they may be equipped with heaters to provide a comfortable and appealing ambience during colder seasons, too. In recent years, they have become an increasingly popular event solution.

Marquee uses

Marquees are no longer just used during summers. They can be a year-round event resource when used with accessories like fans or heaters. Marquees are ideal for single-day events. Here are some instances where marquees are used:

1. Markets

You can use a marquee to create a dedicated space for a community market, flea market, or a day to shop from local vendors.

The organizers may allocate equal portions in the marquee to the sellers and line them up in rows so everyone who wants to check their products can do so. Not only does it protect the products from the sun's heat, but it also makes shopping more convenient and a better experience for the customers. They can take their time checking the different merchandise and supporting their community.

2. Events

Usually, marquees are used as the main venue for events, but they can also function as a side area or an "extension" to provide more space.

Marquees can be used for all types of formal and informal events. It can be used at corporate events with chairs and tables spread across the open space or as the food centre for reunions where everybody can walk around and help themselves to meals and snacks.

It can be set up as an emergency and triage unit for outdoor activities like a fun run. Simultaneously, it can become a pseudo headquarters for registration and communications during a sports event.

3. Weddings

Wedding gazebo in use

The beauty of marquees is their versatility. You can use it with or without walls, whichever suits your needs. The most common use of marquees is for weddings. Couples can use it to make weddings by the lake or in the garden possible without sacrificing the comfort and safety of their guests.

Today, the marquee can also be decorated, so it matches the overall theme of the wedding. The event stylist can transform a plain white marquee into a rustic haven, complete with floors and even wall linings for that illusion of indoor space.

What to consider when buying a marquee


Different marquee sizes on a grassy area

The size of your marquee depends on the event you plan to use it for and how many people you expect to attend. But the general rule of thumb is that the size of your marquee should always be big enough for your intended purpose or event with a bit of extra space.

The quality of material

Remember that the marquee should be durable and heavy-duty enough to last the entire day and should be able to withstand the heat of the sun and any sudden showers. While it should be sturdy enough, a suitable marquee should remain lightweight so that workers can easily carry it around.

For longevity, go for marquees made of quality PVC-coated polyester. Ensure the frame is always all-steel and powder-coated, so your marquee mounts are protected from corrosion.

Ease of assembly

A white marquee with and without walls

Marquees should make everything more convenient for you, including setup. Ease of assembly is a significant consideration, so while shopping, verify how long a particular marquee takes to assemble and how many people will need to do it.

This is important so that you can allocate enough time to set up the space and know how many people you will need to assign to the task.


After the event, you'll need to dismantle the marquee and store it somewhere, so ease of storage is also worth considering. Go for marquees with storage bags for safekeeping and one that is not too bulky with frames and stands. Before you purchase a marquee, make sure you have a place in mind where you will keep it when not in use.

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