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One of the leading online department stores in Australia, offers a wide range of compatible ink cartridges for printers such as Canon, Brother, Hewlett Packard, Xerox to name a few.


Tips to Save Money on Ink Cartridges

1. Change Printer Settings- If you are using your printer with the default settings, you are already wasting a lot of ink and money. The original setting of your printer is set to give you best performance which means excessive use of ink. Change the setting to draft mode to use your ink justifiably.
2. Use Printer at least Once A Week- Use your printer at least once a week or you will end up losing your whole ink cartridge. If a printer is idle for a long time, it causes the ink inside the cartridge to dry up. The ink needs to be in circulation that keeps it from drying out.
3. Know When to Turn Your Printer Off- Every time you turn on your printer, it invariably goes through a phase that involves circulation of ink through all the little holes in the print head. This means every time you switch on your printer, some amount ink gets wasted.
4. Use the right fonts- Ink usage depends on what font you are using. You are most likely printing in Arial or Times New Roman. Try using Ecofont, Garamond or Century Gothic fonts to save you your ink from running out sooner than it should.
5. Low Ink Warnings- Printers are well designed to let you know when you are going to be out of ink but they are not always correct. At times printers prompts you even at 50%. On average, printers prompt you at 20% and you can very well keep going for a while.]


Why you should Shop for Ink Cartridges at offers you an interest-free buy now and pay later option that gives you the freedom to own what you want now and pay for it later. is one of Australia’s leading online stores that offer ink cartridges at competitive prices. Shop from with confidence and be assured that we align ourselves with reliable payment partners such as Zippay and Paypal to name a few. You can also place your order over the phone or online with live chat support. If you are keen on touching and feeling the products you can also visit our showroom in Melbourne.

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