Thornado 3200W Portable Petrol Power Generator

Thornado 3200W Portable Petrol Power Generator
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Thornado 3200W Portable Petrol Power Generator


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When you need a dependable power generator in any situation, then you can rely on Thornado.
The Thornado generator is built for the commercial use with high quality parts and powered by a reliable Thornado 7HP petrol engine. The generator is mounted on a heavy duty steel frame and made it ideal for using in the rough condition, emergencies, job site use, recreation, and house hold.

100% Copper winding

The alternator is designed with 100% copper winding to provide excellent electrical conductivity.

Oil Alarm

The Oil Alarm system is designed to prevent the engine from being damaged because of a lack of oil in the crankcase. Before the oil level falls to an unsafe level, the low oil light will come on and the engine will shut off. Although the engine is automatically shut off, the engine switch will still remain in the ON position.

Circuit Breaker

The circuit breaker protects the individual circuit protectors. The circuit breaker will automatically switch OFF if the circuit is overloaded or if the appliance plugged into the circuit is faulty.

V.F.T. Digital Meter Display

The V.F.T. digital meter displays the running voltage, the running frequency and both the current time of use and the continuous time of use for maintenance purposes.

AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator)

The AVR is automatically regulate the voltage of generators. As a load on a generator increases it's terminal voltage tends to drop.The AVR senses the drop in terminal voltage by measuring the generator voltage and boosts up the excitation to the field of the generator to maintain the terminal voltage at the set level.Similarly as the load on the generator falls, the terminal voltage is maintained by the AVR by reducing the excitation to the field.


  • Powered by Thornado 7HP (212cc)
  • 4 Stroke OHV Engine with splash lubrication to provide a long engine life
  • 100% Copper winding (excellent electrical conductivity)
  • 3200W Max Output(Continuous output 2800W)
  • 2x power outlets
  • Overload, engine oil warning and over temperature safety installed
  • V.F.T. Digital Meter Display to for maintenance interval
  • AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator)
  • 69dBa at 7m.
  • Heavy duty full frame protection
  • Output single phase 240V/50Hz
  • 12 Months Australia Warranty

product code:38_tgr3500

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