POLK Campden Square Wireless Portable Speaker

POLK Campden Square Wireless Portable Speaker

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This Polk Audio mini speaker's Bluetooth connection enables you to connect without unsightly wires.

When it comes to music, we’ve all got our favorites. When it comes to sharing that music, no other wireless portable speaker does it like the Camden Square. With a 24-hour battery life, all that music doesn’t have to stay tucked away on all those playlists on all those smartphones.

The Camden Square is a great way to share the music you love and keep the party going. Camden Square is more than a compact Bluetooth wireless speaker. It’s your best friend when it comes to setting the mood, turning up the party and discovering the rich, diverse world of other people’s music. It’s so easy. Slip it into a knapsack or carry-all and head for the beach, the mountains, your next bike polo tournament, or your friend's house next door.

It boasts battery power, so you can power up without plugging in. The Polk Audio AM7221-A has USB 2.0 port. It's a compact, totally portable high performance wireless entertainment hub that delivers superior sound in any surrounding. Go from room to room, or from place to place, indoors or out and never miss a beat. The Camden Square is six speakers in a lightweight box that you can sling over your shoulder and take with you anywhere you want big audio dynamite. Your music, streamed from your gadget, is loud and clear, with surprisingly dynamic bass.

  • Full range high performance drive units-two left and two right full range drive units include rubber surrounds for long life and 19mm voice coil for better control.
  • Passive radiator acoustic design-A pair of optimally-sized rectangular 2" x 3" mass-loaded passive bass radiators, installed on opposing faces of the enclosure, provide extended bass weight and impact.
  • Full Complement Bass (FCB)-Below approximately 200 Hz, all drivers reproduce identical summed monophonic (L+R) signal, for optimal bass reproduction with minimal distortion.
  • DJ Stream is Polk's app, created just for Camden Square. With the app enjoying music is more interactive and more enjoyable. With the app, anyone can get the party going as the DJ Host. Three more phones can connect and play music too, as Active DJs.

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