POLK Audio UltraFit 2000 On-Ear Headphone - BK/GN

POLK Audio UltraFit 2000 On-Ear Headphone - BK/GN

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Uncomfortable with ear buds or in-ear designs? Welcome to your solution for superior headphone performance, incredible comfort, and stay-put fit for active on-ear listening: the Ultra Fit 2000.
Dynamic Balance® Polymer Drivers. Ultra Fit Sport Headphones employ dynamic drivers much like those in our full size speakers. To meet our pre-determined performance parameters, our engineers took the same care designing the drivers, even adding a discrete crossover filter to each driver to naturalize the high frequencies.
Ported Enclosures. Ultra Fit Sports Headphones are ported. There is the port (ear piece) you put in your ear. But the big deal is the very small channels in the back of the driver enclosure, beneath the Polk logo. These are crucial to tuning the driver's frequency response peaks. And that means a better sounding pair of headphones.
Ultra Flexible Tangle-free Planar Audio Cable. Round cables, coiling up and twisting are a constant source of annoyance because they get in the way of your workout. Eventually constant twisting means the cable will break or pull out at the end. The Ultra Fit's planar design (with oxygen-free wire for better conductivity) completely eliminates coiling, so the headphone cables won't tangle up during a workout, or when stored away. The planar design also eliminates micro-phonics, the tendency of an electronic device to turn a mechanical vibration into "noise," which you hear in other headphones.
Moisture Shield. No headphone works well in a sweat bath of moisture. So we added Moisture Shield, a filter that provides two benefits. A thin scrim on Ultra Fit 2000 driver screen, the filter material resists moisture that could get to the driver; the headphones keep performing through strenuous activity. Moisture Shield also provides an acoustic barrier to help smooth frequency response.
Secure Fit™ Support. You're ready for your workout. You put on your headphones and get to work. The last thing you want is for an earpiece to fall out, instantly breaking your rhythm. Secure Fit Support includes an ergonomically designed flexible ear hook that wraps around your ear, so the headphone stays in place, even during strenuous exercise. With Secure Fit Support, you'll experience a snug yet comfortable fit.
Strain Guard™. Ultra Fit Sports Headphones have been designed with this in mind. Strain guard™ is a protective system that addresses the areas where sports headphones fail most often. A Kevlar core that houses the speaker wire provides extra tensile strength to prevent the wire from being pulled apart at common failure points - the transitions between cable and the connectors and at the headphones. In the Ultra Fit Series, all transitional connections are computer designed to strengthen the points where they fail most.
  • High Performance Digital Sound - Surprising detail and fidelity to maximize performance.
  • Secure Fit™ Support - Exercise or play knowing your headphones will stay comfortably in place.
  • Environmental Awareness Engineered In - Hear enough of your surroundings to feel secure during exercise.
  • Ultra Flexible Tangled-Free Planar Audio Cables - Avoid cable tangle and unwanted micro phonics with oxygen-free cables in two custom lengths.
  • Strain Guard™ - Kevlar core and computer designed transitional connections eliminate cable failure.
  • Moisture Shield - Resists moisture and keeps performing through strenuous activity.
  • Short (14") Cable - For iPod nano®, iPod
  • 3.5 mm Connector - designed to fit through the opening on all cases.
  • Engineered For Durability & Comfort - Made with the latest materials and performance technology to take punishment while staying comfortable.

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