Parrot Drone FPV Pack

Parrot Drone FPV Pack

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Take your drone to new heights with the Parrot FPV Pack. Featuring Cockpit glasses and a Sky controller 2, these tools are essential in getting the best viewing experience with your drone.
Precise Control
The Parrot FPV Packs Sky controller 2 includes 2 high-precision joysticks for quick and easy positioning while your drone is in flight. You can re-map each of the controllers 8 buttons to adapt to your preferred layout to ensure you are familiar with the arrangement and avoid fumbling with the controls.

Powerful Range
Thanks to a WiFi multi-input and multi-output (MIMO) antennae, piloting your drone with the Sky controller 2 within a range of up to 2 km has never been more convenient. The drone controllers substantial range also ensures you will not lose contact with your drone quickly while retaining your own position.

Convenient Docking Station
A docking station for your smartphone or tablet is included with the drone control kits controller, which makes accessing your devices features and apps quick and easy. The controls dock station has a built-in GPS to let you use the Parrot drones return home feature.

First-Person Flying
Get an on-board experience while flying your drone through the Parrot Cockpit Glasses, with your compatible iOS or Android device linked to deliver a wide first-person vision with a 90-degree field of view. There is an On-Screen Display for flight telemetry and radar, ensuring convenience with the FPV glasses.

Head Tracking
The head tracking functionality lets you adjust the drones vertical view by moving your head up or down while wearing the control packs glasses. With a press of a button you can easily switch from Drone view to Camera smartphone view to check your surroundings.

Drones and Phones sold separately.


  • Hardside/Hard Plastic/Plastic
  • Cockpit glasses have live HD video streaming and side-by-side display
  • Equipped with on-screen display with flight telemetry and radar, as we
  • Enjoy an extended flight range of up to 1.2 miles and customize 8 shor
  • Cockpit glasses are comfortable to wear and designed for use with eyeg
  • Both the Cockpit glasses and Skycontroller 2 are compatible with vario

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