Digital Egg Incubator - 36 Eggs

Digital Egg Incubator - 36 Eggs

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A genuine Paw Mate incubators Model 12 incubator will make a great edition to any smallholding!

Paw Mate automatically turn fertile eggs at the optimum rate of a two hour cycle for the first 18 days of the incubation process. Also standard across the range are adjustable egg turning trays that can accommodate egg sizes ranging from Button Quail to goose eggs in automatic turning mode.

Features including automatic temperature control, high and low temperature alarms and adjustable temperature settings to maximise hatch rates for poultry varieties other than chickens. All settings are controlled by an easy to operate LCD display and three simple buttons, this making the incubators easy to operate for all ages. The incubators in our Paw Mate range automatically monitor and adjust the heating element to ensure that the temperature remains stable to an accuracy of 0.1C throughout the incubation process.

All of the features mentioned above are pre-set by Paw Mate, meaning your incubator is ready to start hatching as soon as it's switched on at the power plug. Fan forced air circulation is a standard feature across the Paw Mate incubator range to ensure an even and stable temperature throughout the incubator to deliver high hatch rates.

Paw Mate incubators have large viewing windows, which allows the operator to view the hatch without lifting the incubator's lid. This ensures that the humidity does not drop during the hatch, which could result in the chicks dying in their shells.

Because of their excellent hatch visibility, Paw Mate incubators are very popular with families and school groups. Designed with easy to clean components, this makes the process of cleaning your incubator after a hatch quick and simple. Our genuine Paw Mate Range comes with 12 months warranty in Australia, with easy to follow English instruction manuals!

Quality PP material with a solid moulded construction Clear cover for egg visibility; allows easy observation Automatic cooling and ventilating system LCD temperature display panel Automatic temperature and humidity controls Fully automatic egg turner Simple operation and long service life Comes with bonus accessory pack CE & EMC approved

sku:  56_PET-WQ-Tray-36

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