50m Ultra Premium In-Wall Speaker Cable, 12 AWG, Fire Rated

50m Ultra Premium In-Wall Speaker Cable, 12 AWG, Fire Rated
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50m Ultra Premium In-Wall Speaker Cable, 12 AWG, Fire Rated

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This 50m professional grade 12 AWG gauge pure copper speaker cable is designed specifically for in-wall and in-ceiling installation.

It will not compromise the audio sent to even the largest and very high-end speakers in professional home theatre set-ups, and perfect for sound quality over long distances. Fire-retardant rated extra jacket exceeds standards, Durable exterior slide jacket for easy installation, High visibility colour jacket to distance from power.

Professionals know that wired speakers clearly outperform equivalent wireless speakers. This speaker cable is an ultra premium standard - when only the best will do. It is a heavy 12AWG gauge pure hi-fi oxygen free copper (OFC). Itwill not compromise the audio of even your very best speakers, and it is ideal for supporting speakers at long distances. Its bright green fire retardant PVC outer jacket protects it during installation, is fully fire rated for complete safety, and is alerts electricians to keep their power cables away.


The AWG (American Wire Gauge) rating of a cable determines its thickness and conductivity. The lower the number, the thicker and more conductive it is. The larger the distance or speaker the larger the cable required - and 12AWG is regarded as the ultra premium standard for high-end home theatre set ups. Many installers put in 16AWG or 18AWG as standard, but if you want the best then we would recommend that you step it up to real 12AWG.

Pure OFC Copper - This cable has two (2) 99.9% oxygen-free copper 12AWG conductors, 1 coated red and 1 coated black. Each conductor has 105 copper strands. The kind of quality you get from this cable assures you that you can leave it in your wall and expect the best performance on your speakers that you could ever have, as opposed to the inferior performance you can get from some cheaper cables that are only copper coated strands.

12AWG for Ultra Premium performance - 16AWG is regarded as suitable for most domestic home theatre setups with no detectable effect on audio over 15 metre distances to a typical 8 ohm speaker. The thicker 12AWG cable is recommended by Digihaus for lower impedance speakers and longer distances. It will ensure your audio quality is not compromised by the speaker cable. See more information on recommended maximum speaker cable lengths by gauge here.

ROHS Compliant- It is fully RoHS compliant, meaning the manufacturing process is entirely environmentally friendly.

Designed for in-wall installation - the heavy duty easy slide PVC jacket will protect the cable during installation. It is easier to pull through cavities and affix to building structures and the extra protective thick coating and internal rip cord helps protect the internal conductors from stretching, tears and accidental damage. The 2 x 105 strand conductors provide the perfect balance of strength and flexibility for in-wall installation.

High visibility - professional home theatre installers will remind you to keep speaker wires away from power cables and other sources of electromagnetic interferance. The super bright colour of the PVC jacket ensures that it is highly visible when installing in your walls and ceilings. Electricians will know to keep their other cables away.

Fire retardant - The flame retardant PVC compound used in the jacket and conductor insulation is fire retardant and exceeds all local domestic requirements.  It has a high temperature and combustion resistance, and low smoke and toxicity. In house fires, cable sheaths can act as conduits to spread fire within wall cavities, and often produce highly toxic gasses. Digihaus fire retandant cables give you that extra protection to reduce fire spread risk and avoid toxic smoke.

10 Year Warranty- Digihaus stands behind the superiority fo its products. Any defects are covered by a full manufacturer product replacement guarantee. It is always best practice to test the performance of your cable before any installation.


  • Length 50m
  • Diameter 9.0mm
  • Conductor gauge 12 AWG
  • Conductor 99.9% pure oxygen free copper (OFC)
  • Strands 2 x 105 0.20 BC (Bare Copper)
  • Insulation 1 x black and 1 x red
  • Jacket High visibility durable PVC
  • Rip cord Yes
  • Fire retardant Yes
  • ROHS Certified

Money Back Guarantee: Product has to be in "as new" condition, sealed packaging, unused and 100% re-saleable

product code:12_RSEEC2SWC0333

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