100m Ultra Premium Speaker Cable, 12 AWG, In-Wall Installation

100m Ultra Premium Speaker Cable, 12 AWG, In-Wall Installation
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100m Ultra Premium Speaker Cable, 12 AWG, In-Wall Installation

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This premium quality home theatre wall plate can support up to five (5) speakers.

This professional grade 12AWG gauge pure copper speaker cable is designed specifically for in-wall installation. It has 210 strands and offers the highest conductivity meaning it will not compromise the audio sent to your speakers. This gauge is perfect for high-end speakers, longer distances, and multi-room set-ups. Its durable and bright yellow insulation jacket is designed for high protection and visibility in in-wall installations.

Professional Standard

This speaker cable is professional standard. It is a heavy 12AWG gauge cable comprised of 210solid pure 99.9% oxygen free copper strands. This means itwill not compromise the audio of even your very best speakers, and it is ideal for supporting speakers at very long distances.
The AWG (American Wire Gauge) rating of a cable determines its thickness. The lower the number, the thicker and more conductive it is. You can use a cable's AWG rating to determine how it can perform in delivering audio signals from the receiver to the speaker. The larger the distance between the receiver and the speaker, the greater the chance of a lower performance. This may not mean much if you have a single room set-up, but if you need your cable to travel farther than the space of one room, a lower gauge is ideal.


This is your ideal in-wall speaker cable.

This cable has two (2) 99.9% oxygen-free copper 12AWG conductors, 1 coated red and 1 coated black. This means you'll have the highest conductivity and greatest performance you can get. Each conductor has 105 copper strands. The kind of quality you get from this cable assures you that you can leave it in your wall and expect the best performance on your speakers that you could ever have, as opposed to the inferior performance you can get from some cheaper cables that are only copper coated strands.
And to give you peace-of-mind, it is fully RoHS compliant, meaning the manufacturing process is entirely environmentally friendly.



Length :100m
Diameter :9mm
Conductor :99.9% oxygen free copper
Strands :2 x 105 x 0.20mm strands
Insulation :1 x Red and 1 x Black
Jacket :Bright Yellow
Thickness :12 AWG

You can install it easily.

This 12AWG cable has a thick bright yellow PVC jacket that gives it durability when pulling through cavities, and high visibility, which is helpful when doing an in-wall installation.

Money Back Guarantee: Product has to be in "as new" condition, sealed packaging, unused and 100% re-saleable

product code:12_RSEEC2SWC0138

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